True Rejuvenation Three Phase Plan

Weight Loss ProgramWith our Three Phase Plan our office is constantly there to adjust and help you hit your weight loss goals. There is no magic pill or instant remedy to losing weight, but through hard work, knowledge, education, and support, there are ways to beat the battle of bulge, for good.

We know you want to keep the weight off for the long haul. What you eat is important, and our all inclusive support program will help you to make smart choices and keep hunger in check. Finally, what you lean about yourself will stay with you for a lifetime.

With a customized approach and genuine understanding you will see just how easy it is to lose weight.



Phase 1 - Design your Personalized Program

Our Program is for individuals that are finally ready to get the weight off and keep it off. We are here to give you every tool necessary to make this next step in your life a successful one. We start by addressing and eliminating medical reasons for slow or lack of weight loss. We will complete blood test, EKGs, consider family history, complete medical exams, and cross reference any drug interactions. Knowing what may be inhibiting your weight loss is half the battle. Plus, with our prescription enhancements many metabolic hurdles can be overcome.

The Total Body Rejuvenator Program doesn't stop there. After your complete medical workup you will then sit down with three consultants: Diet, Fitness, and Mental Health. These consultants will analyze your unique situation and put together a program to make sure the weight truly comes off.


Phase 2 - Staying on the Right Track

At True Rejuvenation, we show you how to keep you on the path to true weight loss. Weight monitoring and plan adjustments help keep you accountable, but also help us make sure you continue to show progress. The Total Rejuvenator Program was comprehensively designed to help you with any and all obstacles you face in losing weight and being healthy. The most important aspect to a true rejuvenation is that you are supervised by our medical practitioner to help ensure your success. We also offer two injections each week that consist of B-Vitamin Complex and an assortment of Amino acids. These injections go straight to the source to boost your metabolism and encourage lean muscle mass; while monthly counseling helps zone in on problem area that are hindering your success. Finally, we keep your physical condition updated with new blood work every quarter to show just how your body is responding to medications and if adjustments are necessarcy.

Phase 3 - Brain Re-training

There's a lot of effort that goes into maintaining your body and keeping yourself feeling young and healthy. Eating the right foods and taking the right supplements, plus exercise will make sure that all your hard work will not be in vain. It is very important to learn ways to reduce stress and keep up with preventative healthcare. True Rejuvenation is first and foremost a medical clinic, so we can maintain your new body. Our program focuses on education and real world knowledge. We offer many additional programs to help you keep the weight off once you have reached your ideal weight.